Our Story

"Life's too short, do what you love and make a difference."

Here at Rosa’s Closet, we celebrate life’s stories. There are ups and downs in everyone’s lives, but in the end, we know it is all there for a reason. Each travesty and victory molds us to who we are and what we will become, and it is unique to us. Rosa’s story begins with a little life uncertainty and desire for a new look. 

Heartbroken and ready to make some changes in her life, Rosa, like many women, turned to her closet. She had just called off her engagement to a man she’d been with for seven years, and was feeling more than a little lost. Looking to start with a clean slate, she started with her style. 

 Rosa purged her closet of everything that no longer felt like “her,” and put an ad in the Grand Rapids Press Bargain Corner. Out went BCBG party dresses, sparkly tops, and gifts from her former fiancée. Within a weekend, she made $1,000. “I must be on to something,” she thought.

 Unsatisfied with her job in an office working with computer equipment, she toyed with her passions, and zeroed in on fashion. “I didn’t know much about fashion, but I knew that I loved it. I could go to the mall and spend hundreds without even thinking about it,” she said. 

 She realized that if she had a closet filled with name brand clothing that she no longer wore, maybe others did, too. She began to do some research, visiting area consignment stores and trying to find her way into the resale world. Guided by her intuition, she found a quaint space on Wealthy, in Gaslight Village, and her dream was born.

 Every day for the first year Rosa’s Closet was open, she worked by herself to grow the business. She strived to make every customer feel special and loved, and reveled in listening to her consigner’s stories. You’ll often hear her saying, “Anybody can sell a shirt, I want to make women feel good!”

Rosa is here to provide you with more than a revolving door for your gently used clothing, and the new goodies that you find on the racks. Rosa knows that every woman has a story, and she wants to hear yours. 

ASHLYN-Social Marketing and Brand Communications

"Do it with passion or not at all."

A bit of a wanderlust adventurer, you'll be more likely to find Ashlyn in hiking boots than heels. Her favored outdoor pastimes don't stop her from the giddy delight that fashion brings, though, and you'll often find her pouring over InStyle or scanning the pages of Racked. She goes mad for clean, simple lines, gray t-shirts, and high waisted denim. 

A Chicago native and animal shelter advocate (ask her about her pup, Trapper!), you can find Ashlyn traveling around the world and working behind the scenes, black coffee in hand. Follow her adventures on Instagram, @ashlynoswalt.



"Sprinkle kindness around like confetti."

Enjoying the best of both worlds, Amy spends the time she's not at the shop exploring the great outdoors by skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, and hiking, bringing her dogs along whenever she can. A Leland, MI girl, she aspires to one day own a boutique in the Traverse City area. 

A lover of unique boutique finds, she relishes in anything truly one of kind, made with quality and love. She'll be the first to point out that shirt you didn't think would work on you, or help you find that special dress for your best friend's wedding. You can follow her (and her dogs!) along on Instagram @aehyde. 


"Little by little, one walks far."

Our resident country girl Kaity dreams of starting her own farm Up North, but is excited to help you look your best while she's here. Hailing from Petoskey, she's currently in Grand Rapids to finish up school. She enjoys spending her free time horseback riding and visiting home every chance she can.

Kaity gravitates towards anything made by Patagonia, and is partial to t-shirt dresses and thrifty finds. She's your go-to gal when it comes to your perfect day off look. Follow her on Instagram @ktg_94